Emoji mashup generator

Nescafe 3in1 is a very popular beverage among the arabic youth.
It’s the best combination of sugar + coffee + cream.
To engage with our target audience we came up with an online tool where
they could create the perfect emoji for every situation.

emoji_posters1-copyinterfaceThis free online tool is generating stickers they can use on what’sapp or other messenger apps.
Post their mixed mood on the social media with very limited branding.
Why not an app? Because apps needs a lot of support to push the download, where a
responsive website doesn’t have the download barrier.
Back to University

Going back to University is kind of stressful and exiting.
New people, new friends, new classes.
Mixed feelings hun?
Nescafe 3in1 installed on the campus a 3in1emoji mashup generator next to a sampling stand.
Printing a sticker to put on their Nescafe cups.
Asking them to explain their emoji to a complete
stranger to make new connections.
Good ice breaker!