IKEA Showroom Travelers

Where there’s an IKEA, there’s a home.

IKEA has over 301 stores across the globe in 41 countries.
In every store, showrooms are displayed to simulate
home environments for customers.When you visit an IKEA, it’s more than just a store…
it feels just like home. 

airbnb has more than 2 million listings worldwide.
A peer-to-peer marketplace, airbnb allows people from
every corner of the globe to visit their favorite destinations,
and stay in accommodation that…
feels just like home.

What if you could enhance the IKEA experience and becoming an IKEA Showroom Traveler
by booking a holiday stay through airbnb?

MacBook-Pro-mockup_3CosyroomIKEA decided to propose a new way to travel around the world,
the Showroom Traveling, posting the first IKEA Ad
on AirBnB the first ad giving the chance to the first 3 person to book
the IKEA showroom in their 41 countries.

How can we further amplify the experience?
Use social media to document the stay?
Document the holiday stayers as they try
various products around the showroom?
Offer a full experience (ie. food, garden simulations etc)