“I’m not crazy you know!?”, typically a crazy person statement!
My life isn’t amazing but what makes it interesting is the little details, I think that’s what Insta Stories is all about,
insignificant but funny slices of life, sharable and snackable.


start dubai

I’ve started my travel journal a year ago, It’s taking time (30min per day at the end of the day), it’s super anti-social sometimes and super social some other times (like when your sketching in a cafe and people ask you what you’re drawing), but it keeps my memories of the little details much more vivid than pictures on instagram with the caption #besttimeofmylife #Placeyourcityhere.

dubai2 Amsterdam

It’s very, very, very personal and if you read it, full of spelling mistakes (Yes, valid point! But who cares?!), of darkness, of happiness and puns in a broken English.

Amsterdam2 FranceFrance2 Sans titre-1