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Digital Campaign Presentation

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Digital Art Direction / Branding
Client :  Creative Combat – ArabNet Beirut 2015 – Finalists
Partnership with Asad Jaffery – UX Extraordinary Designer
2015 © all rights reserved

ArabNet is the hub for digital professionals and entrepreneurs, with an aim to grow the Arab web and mobile industry. ArabNet plans to launch a digital campaign in Lebanon to raise awareness about the necessity to have a regular physical activity to survive a sedentary job.

Research links sitting down for long periods of time with a number of health concerns. A sedative lifestyle increases the risk of heart disease and reduces up to seven years of quality life. S​itting down all day can also affect moods leading to a decrease in productivity at work. This is in addition to the fact that weight gain is a direct consequence.
In the contemporary workplace, employees spend more than half of their entire work day seated. The workplace is a great venue for the promotion of physical activity to reduce sedentary time. The introduction of health monitoring devices to stimulate breaks in sitting time is promising, but the employee audience requires additional awareness of the problem.
Men are more active than women in the Middle East, except in Iraq and Lebanon, where there’s an equal split between genders.
Contrary to the high levels of literacy in Lebanon, Lebanese employees do not recognize the overwhelming evidence that points to the importance of regular physical activity to quality of life, health, and prevention of diseases and rehabilitation of many health problems.
Overall people with office jobs sit up to 15.5 hrs per day. E​ven with exercise, employees sitting for 6+ hours a day have a 40% higher risk of death within 15 years, if compared to employees who sit for less than three hours.

The Challenge
You are requested to propose a creative campaign that encourages working people with a sedative lifestyle in Lebanon to introduce more physical activity into their routine.
Your proposal should be presented in 5 minutes to a live jury of marketing professionals, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. Your presentation should include:
●  Summary: Your understanding of the brief and challenge
●  Proposed solution: The overall creative idea / big idea
●  User journey: The mechanics and flow of what the users experience from the moment of
first exposure to the end of the campaign

  • Single Minded Proposition

Adapting to a more physically active lifestyle is essential for maintaining a healthy life, body, and productivity.

Target Audience
Lebanese Working population in sedentary jobs.

Assumptions and Considerations
●  Budget: $50,000 including production and media cost
●  The campaign will run for two months starting April 2014 within Lebanon
●  The time to produce the items proposed in the campaign should not exceed two months

  • Deliverables
    Create a campaign proposal, presented in a comprehensive format, and focusing on the user journey using digital communications channels such as but not limited to:
  • ●  Social media platforms (design, content, and examples of channels used)
  • ●  Web-banner ad campaigns (design, content, and examples of channels used)
  • ●  Email campaigns (design, content, target audience)
  • ●  Microsites (wireframe and layout, usage description, preliminary design, key content)
  • ●  Apps(wireframe and layout, usage description, preliminary design, key content)
  • ●  Games (concept, usage description, preliminary design, key content)
    ●  Videos (concept, storyboard, script, examples of channels used)
  • Language
    One language: English or Arabic

    ArabNet Logo (attached) – to be used on the presentation.