Square One


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Square One
Print on art paper
Media :  Pencil / Indesign CS5
Client : personal
2014 © all rights reserved

Square one, is a serie of 9 illustrations.
A little explanation about my artwork, Square one is a serie talking about contradictions and beginnings. Back to square one!
First of all, I started from a statement, ‘nothing is square in the nature’ squares are designed by the human hand only. We are building squares for many reasons, but mainly to protect ourselves or the things we love. But this safe place can also lock yourself.
Square one is the place you come back to feel protected and safe and you never stay in the square one but if you do stay, you’re imprisoned, you can’t move on because the square one is just the beginning of something else.
The square one is a pause in your life, but you can’t never stay in this square forever.