Why say no?

NESCAFÉ Arabiana

How we got people

Saudis love their Arabic coffee. In fact, they love it so much that they instinctively say no to NESCAFÉ Arabiana instant Arabic coffee.The common argument – because it’s instant it can’t taste as good as Arabic coffee made the traditional way.But was taste really a barrier? No! Because when they try NESCAFÉ Arabiana they actually love the taste and many can’t even tell it apart from traditional Arabic coffee.
Still, the “no’s” kept coming.
So we developed an integrated campaign – Welcome Change – aimed at getting people to stop saying no to a good idea like NESCAFÉ Arabiana. The humorous campaign demonstrated the obvious foolishness of rejecting good ideas. It was brought to life on several platforms and touch points with different executions for different mediums.Is it working? Let’s just say we’re hearing a lot more “yeses” now. Looks like we’ve finally got people to welcome change.

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